Ocean Wave Massage

Pe`Ahi Lomilomi - Traditional Hawaiian Massage & Bodywork

Ocean Wave Massage


Pe'ahi - The movement of the ocean waves.

Lomilomi - Massage.

Ocean Wave Massage (Hawaiian Pe'ahi Lomilomi) is massage like the movement of the ocean waves, gently but thoroughly releasing knots, washing away tension and relaxing the muscles.

Ocean Wave Massage is a non-chiropractic version of the Pa’ola Lomilomi, a traditional Hawai’ian massage and bodywork method from windward O'ahu.

Ocean Wave Massage works with not only the physical body, but the underlying energy patterns which can affect the mind and spirit as well.

Ocean Wave Massage integrates treatment of physical and energetic dysfunctions in a way that is calming, soothing and invigorating.

A Lomilomi treatment can be quick and vigorous, slow and gentle, deep and powerful, or any combination of the types. Each Lomilomi is unique, both to the individual and to the appointment. No two Lomilomi treatments are the same.

There are many similarities in the Ocean Wave Massage to Polarity Therapy, to Deep Tissue massage, to Janet Travell's Trigger Point work.

This traditional form of Hawaiian massage balances the body's energy in a non-invasive manner that is designed to leave the subject feeling renewed.


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