Client Testimonials


Jason Bailey

I'm currently a football coach with Liverpool Football Clubs International Academy in Tokyo.

After an injury, in January 2013 I had a successful ACL operation in Austria thinking that I would be back in the game and coaching again by the end of that year. Unfortunately, during my rehab I herniated my L4/L5 discs. This slowed down my recovery rate massively. 

It left me with a severe case of muscle imbalance which caused me all kinds of problems. Firstly it started with my left leg. I lost the main functions in movement due to nerve damage coming from the herniated discs. My muscles quickly started to shrink, especially in the left calf muscle which within a couple of weeks became almost non-existent. I was left with one calf and one thigh working normally. The sport-healthy body which I had taken for granted for all these years deteriorated in a matter of months.

When I realised the damage was becoming chronic and physiotherapists and doctors at the time were struggling to help me at the stage I was in, I travelled the world seeking help. 

I was given all sorts of advice and had all sorts of medical and holistic treatments done, for muscles, for nerves, for bones, for fitness. 

And some for just peace of mind. 

I saw football physiotherapists for my muscles and fitness. I saw specialists for my back. I saw chiropractors and joint re-setters.

I saw massage therapists and holistic healers from Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Australia, China, Germany and Japan, among others.

I had nearly given up when I found this lady named Jan Walker who practised Pe'Ahi Lomilomi in Hawaii. Our paths crossed, and boy was I lucky.

She had the power and gift of a true Lomilomi practitioner which is an amazing gift. I say "gift" because it was like someone giving me a present. Maybe the present of being able to live life again. Yes, as extreme as it sounds, I was being given a second chance.

After a few treatments, my muscles and nerves actually started to reboot themselves, slowly but surely. She had patience, and a kindness of touch which I had never experienced before. 

Believe me, miracles do exist, and Jan's Lomilomi is like a magic touch. She was my saviour and my real road to recovery. Her Lomilomi got me back in the game again and I am now coaching again! 

I could go on and on about it, explaining how amazing it is. And of course how amazing she is.

Thank you Jan for giving me back my life again. Can't wait to see you again. 

August 2016

Graham Mullan

After suffering a stroke a few years ago, I made an almost complete recovery. However, although I regained virtually full use of everything, I still had – and have – nerve damage to my right leg which results in both a permanent uncomfortable sensation and a loss of normal feeling.

The result of this was that my walking suffered as my body was unable to control my stride pattern. The first result of this was the development of a large and painful knot in my right calf muscles.

Conventionally physiotherapy was able to ameliorate this to some extent, but the physio only dealt with the obvious symptom and the not the underlying causes.

This is where Jan comes in. As she works on the whole body including, of course, all the musculature, she has been able to completely rid my calf of the pain and discomfort. She has also been able to ease the rest of that leg and largely bring it back into alignment with my ‘good’ leg. In addition, she has given me good advice on how to ensure that my walking patterns improve.

The job is not wholly done yet, but the degree of discomfort that I have has been radically reduced and my ability to walk reasonable distances has increased enormously.

I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone with similar problems.

November 2016