Advanced Ocean Wave Massage:  

Full Body Integration

Certification in Pe`Ahi Lomilomi


Full Body Integration

In this seminar, I pull together all of the information from the prior four seminars.

This is a two-day seminar, with in-depth lectures that require anatomical knowledge.

It includes using assessment both before and after the Lomi session. We will review the muscles and joints in the body, using charts and actual demonstration.

There will be lecture, demonstration and hands-on practise of the techniques learned in all of the seminars.

A certificate will be given upon successful completion.

The cost is £125 per person.


At the completion of the Full Body Integration Course, the Student will be eligible to apply for Certification as a Pe'ahi Lomilomi Practitioner

An individual appointment is made for assessment and testing.

The student will demonstrate knowledge of the strokes, the energy practices and the pono of Lomi. The student will perform a pre-massage assessment, a Lomi massage based on the assessment, and a post-massage assessment.

Upon successful completion, the student will receive certification in Pe'ahi Lomilomi. 

The session will take approximately two hours.

The cost is £50.